Create. Participate. Get Involved. Here is how.
20th July 2016

Last week we sold out our TestBash Manchester tickets. I celebrated this with a run and a bit of chalk graffiti! I also thought it would be a good time to jot down some thoughts about it and how we are trying grow and co-create an awesome testing community.

We have a big mountain to climb, with a very small core team and always need your help!

To give you an idea, this is what we are up to:

Here are some ideas on how you can help:

  • read the article about how we are trying to co-create our community
  • participate and share things that we make – like our recent #30daysoftesting
  • help other testers on The Club
  • attend our events, the live online ones are often free
  • sign up to The Dojo, and then ask your boss to go Pro
  • apply to speak at our TestBashes, all are welcome!
  • sponsor our events, anyone can sponsor as micro-sponsorship is super affordable from £200-ish.  Manchester and Philadelphia sponsorship is currently available. Netherlands and Brighton coming soon.
  • write an article for us, email me for that –
  • got knowledge and video skills? Apply to become a trainer on The Dojo. Email for that.
  • give us feedback, we will listen.
  • Tell anyone and everyone (not just testers) that we exist

Thank you!

Rosie Sherry, FounderBoss