Giving the Gift of TestBash
9th December 2015

A couple of years ago we gave away a scholarship to someone special. Last year we gave the option for people to fund a ticket for someone else.

The act of giving and paying forward remains huge in my heart and everything we do.  We are actively seeking people who would benefit from attending our events in March (please apply at the bottom of this page) and also people who may want to contribute to the fund.

The following is an overview of how it is working for this coming March.  I will also keep this page up to date regularly with figures of how much we have raised.

The Workshoppers Approach

We are paying a £500 fee to people who are doing 1/2 day workshops (on top of their expenses).  Two workshop-ers originally voluntarily came forward to donate their workshop fee towards a scholarship fund as a way of paying things forward.  It was not my idea!  It made sense to open up the option to anyone else in this situation.

Workshoppers current fund: £1000

Contribute to the Scholarship Fund

On the ticket page (at the bottom) there is an option to donate any amount above £5 towards the scholarship fund.  We figured some people may like to contribute in smaller ways.

Scholarship current fund: £188 + matching funding from Ministry of Testing = £376

Custom Support

Get in touch if you have an idea to support someone.  We’ve had some people come forward with individual ideas and contributions.  If we like the idea we will support it.  Please get in contact if you would like to support us.

Custom Support fund: £249 + matching funding from Ministry of Testing = £498

Apply for Scholarships