I Need Your Help
5th January 2016

I have this amazing thing in my hands and I need your help taking it forward.

I’ve struggled the last year.  I had too much on my plate.  I tried to take some of it off, but it didn’t pan out.  So I’m now working on a new plan. You could call it Plan B, but really it’s more like plan x, y and z.  Things are always changing as I seek what feels like the right and best way of doing things.

I fail often and it hurts.  I hide the hurt.  I’d like to hurt less whilst achieving more for the community.

I want to help others grow. Testers and our community deserves to grow.  This mammoth that we’ve created is here to stay.  It is not for me.  It is for the software testing community.

It makes me uncomfortable to ask sometimes, but I feel I should because we should be doing so much more.

Here’s the thing.  We are growing.  I expect this year to be super busy.  There will be many challenges ahead.

I seem to have finally got some help to whip some things into super organised action.

The Dojo is growing. People are signing up daily. Content is constantly being added.

All The TestBashes are growing.  Some require more work than others.

Our engagement and traffic is going up and up.

Working With The Community

Every time I try to decide how to best to grow this thing, I can’t help but go back to how I need to work with the community.  However, now I need to do it in a more intense and focused way.

So, I’m on the hunt for Creators.  If you have projects, ideas, articles, meetups, events, videos or any other stuff that you would like to see happen then I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.  Also, we have lots of things that we’d like to see happen so we’ll constantly be pitching ideas and opportunities.

We are building a small team to help make these creations happen.

You can start by requesting to join our MoT Slack.

Then you can message me on Slack and tell me how you think you’d like to get involved.

If I think your ideas are good and we can work together, then I’ll add you to our private ‘Creators’ channel.

In there we will talk about how we are trying to do things, there are no set rules.  We want to see things happen and if we can see value in them happening then we will do what we can to help do that.  We can compensate in various ways.  Credits towards our events. Support (financial or in kind) for something you are working on. We could invest some money. Or pay you an agreed fee.  Whatever works for you (and us).

Over the next year we will develop a model on how we can work closely with the community.  This will be shared openly and be co-created by The Creators.  I don’t really know what the outcome will be.  It kind of freaks me out, so I guess that means it will be awesome!

Remember. Start by requesting to join the MoT Slack.

Want to Help But Not Be A Creator?

I will say it again and again, but you and everyone can make a huge difference by:

And there is no time like now to get started!