Individual Workshop Tickets Now Available for London Tester Gathering Workshops
16th May 2017

You asked and we listened.

We’ve received several enquiries about being able to buy individual workshop tickets. Perhaps the whole programme didn’t appeal, but you really wanted to attend one or two of the sessions, but couldn’t justify the full event price. So we’ve now made it possible for you to buy a ticket for each workshop individually, at a cost of £199 per workshop.

We hope this helps you attend the workshops you want, and helps persuade your team, boss or company to invest in you to attend these workshops. Perhaps at this price, even your boss may attend one!

That’s a single workshop on one of the following topics for £199, with some of most respected instructors around. We have:

  • Traffic, Verbs, Testing, and T-Shirts – Sharath Byregowda & Tony Bruce
  • Feature Mapping – The Fast Track from Stories Executable Specs – John Ferguson Smart
  • Telling the Testing Story – Storytelling for Testers – Huib Schoots
  • Getting Started With Appium – Dan Cuellar
  • Understanding Blockchain and Testing – Rhian Lewis
  • Story Mapping: Slicing Epics into Testable Bites – David Evans
  • An Introduction to Complexity and Cynefin for Software Testers – Martin Hynie & Ben Kelly
  • Security in the Cloud – Abby Bangser

Full details of the event are here, and you can buy your individual workshop tickets here.

All the best

Richard & Tony.