March RoundUp of All Things MoT
3rd April 2019

Hooray, we're almost in April and into our first month of TestBash fun! Are we seeing you in Brighton?  If you are, you can find some folks introducing themselves over on Twitter.

The Club

A few selected discussions from The Club that we thought you might find interesting.


The Club Ninja

Each month we select one of our Club users to be our Ninja of the Month.  Our Club Ninja this month is Gerard McCann.

MoT News 

More European Tickets on Sale! TestBash Germany is now live! 
We’ve been growing from strength to strength in Germany over the past number of years and listening to feedback from the community at every turn. So this year, we’re adding a workshop day on September 12th which gives you 6 half-day workshops to choose from on an exciting range of topics.

The Dojo

We've another addition of the DojoBoss vlog and here’s the new content that’s waiting for you on The Dojo:

  • An unmissable Masterclass with Daniel Hunt on How to Test Data Analytics without knowing anything about Data Analytics.  This is Data Analytics testing 101! Traversing such buzzwords as machine learning, data science and predictive analytics we'll take a look at some simple methods, common pitfalls and general approaches that will make sense out of the data. There's nothing better than proving that testers can test more than we're supposed to!

  • Another talk from one of our many MoT Meetups "Are We There Yet?” Driving Quality & Tackling Automation Debt with Amber Pollack-Berti.  “Automate All the Things!” your team cheers. But it’s easier said than done—particularly with new features in need of testing every sprint and near-constant support demands that cannot wait. When there’s always something that seems higher priority how do you find the time to tackle tech debt, and more specifically test automation debt?

  • A few great articles in The Testing Planet 2019:

    • Defining Story Completion As A Software Tester by Elizabeth Zagroba. There comes a point in your life when you realize: this story is done. The team has figured out what the feature should be, they’ve made it what it is, and it’s been tested.

    • The Art Of The Bug Report by Anneliese Herbosa.  Testers are storytellers. Coming from a communications background, one of the striking parallels I have made since working in quality assurance and software testing is that an important part of their role is to tell short stories through immediate product feedback. One powerful storytelling device they use to achieve this is: the bug report.

  • TestBash Playlists - The Most Popular TestBash Talks of All Time. Why does automation fail? What's modern testing? Why do we need testing? When do you test? A tester had a number 1 hit with Macklemore?! These 12 talks hold the answers and are the most popular TestBash talks that the MoT community can't stop watching!

April Online Events

Testing Ask Me Anything - Whole Team Testing - Lisa Crispin 
In this AMA on 9th April at 8pm UK time, Lisa will answer questions about how whole-team testing works in practice. If you’re wondering how in the world you get non-testers interested in doing work that they’ve purposely avoided in the past, or interested in newer practices that involve more of the delivery team, such as pair and mob testing, please join in with your questions.

Future Events

Just a quick sneak peek at what events are coming up in the next few months