Monthly Newsletter: May RoundUp of All Things MoT
6th June 2018

May has been rather great, lots happening, between TestBash Dublin, the regular online events and of course lots of new content - plus planning our future events!  Let's just say it's been busy.  As always, we've gathered everything that has gone live in this one monthly email!   

The Club

A few selected discussions from The Club that we thought you might find interesting. 

The Club Ninja

Each month we select one of our Club users to be our Ninja of the Month.  We're delighted to announce that David Kotschessa is our Club Ninja for May!


The Dojo

Snapshot of all the content produced for The Dojo throughout May.  You'll find articles, podcasts and videos.   We have a mix of free and pro membership content - as you might expect, as a pro member you have access to all content created. 


  • A couple of new articles from the Testing Planet 2018:

    • Rethink Your Automation Setup by Stratos Ioannis.  After spending countless hours working around framework issues, maintaining tests that are more hardcoded than the ten commandments, and investigating test failures that appear only during your absence, you realise something is wrong. UI automation shouldn’t have to be this hard to deal with or maintain.

    • Modern Testing Principles by Melissa Eaden.  Modern Testing Principles created by Alan Page and Brent Jensen are the natural evolution of the Agile Tester. With these seven principles of Modern Testing, testers can start moving from being the owners of quality to being the ambassadors of shippable quality.

  • A few new Testers’ Island Discs with Neil Studd:

    • Ep14 - Amber Race. Amber and Neil share anecdotes of bridging the divide between developers and testers, and talk about the importance of empathy, teamwork, gratitude and humility.

    • Ep15 - Dan Billing.  In a predictably madcap episode, we throw away most of the questions and get into discussing the deep role that music (and movies) play within Dan's personal and testing lives. There's also some serious discussion about Dan's professional influences, mentors, and coping with anxiety, illness and loss.

  • Masterclass: Providing Value to Agile Ceremonies as a Tester with Melissa Tondi.  Many times, we assume there is a "one-size-fits-all" approach with Agile, but the reality is that each company has its own customs and culture that should be considered when implementing Agile for the first time, or when taking the journey towards continuous improvement. 

  • A brilliant new, online 99 second talk from Gareth Waterhouse - Checking & Testing.  Gareth is on a roll with another software testing poem 99-second talk in as many months! This time, we hear about the difference between checking and testing.

  • A Conference Conversation with Ashley Hunsberger and Marcus Merrell.  The Super Testing Bros talk to Ashley Hunsberger and Marcus Merrell about the recent changes they’ve made to the SeleniumConf to be more diverse & inclusive, pay to speak, and other conference-related chatter.

  • Ask Me Anything with Dan Billing on Security Testing.  Dan has been working in the field of testing for over 16 years. Dan has spoken at a number of conferences, including a few of our TestBashes and run many workshops in the area of Security Testing.

  • Plus, five brilliant 99-second talks from a fun, new series that you are welcome to join in on; TestBash in the Air!:

    • Sharing - Richard Bradshaw.  Richard encourages us to continue and start to share your insights and experiences in the world of testing and quality.

    • Baking Quality In - Alex Schladebeck. Alex talks about a workshop she did at Romanian Testing Conference, where they literally baked quality in!

    • Testing and Children - Tobias Geyer. Tobias talks about what we can learn from children, especially how children learn!

    • Testers Exchange Programme - Vera Gehlen-Baum.  Vera talks about her testers exchange programme over in Munich, interested in talking testing in Germany?

    • Test Strategy - Simon Berner.  Simon talks to us about how to identify your test strategy, and the models he uses. We also discovered Simon isn't great at keeping track of time!

MoT News

MoT 2.0 - We Have New Shiny Things!

At Ministry of Testing, we have been putting our efforts into growing up. Part of growing up means doing things a bit more professionally and responsibly. It means making plans for the future. It means taking risks and making investments. It means growing our team and our wonderful testing community.

Continuous Call For Papers - A Year On

In November 2016 we introduced our Continuous Call for Papers. The idea came around after a realisation that we always seemed to have a Call for Papers (CFP) open for a particular TestBash due to the sheer number of them these days, this year alone we had/have Brighton, Netherlands, Dublin, Germany, Manchester, Test.bash();, Australia and San Francisco!

MoT Life

TestBash: Looking after Our Speakers Through Good Communication - Heather Reid

One thing you can’t really run a conference without is speakers. Even before I joined Ministry of Testing, I knew that they valued their speakers. Once I joined, I knew I would, and should, strive to keep these values for every event we hosted.

June Events


Future Events

Just a quick sneak peek at what events are coming up in the next few months