New Testing Micro-Services Masterclass! Podcasts! 99 Second Talks! Oh my.
7th October 2015

We’re always working hard to bring you new things on The Dojo!

In addition to the upcoming 3 events we have, yes, that’s 3 (TinyTestBash. TestBashNY. And TestBash ), we have some new things we are producing over at The Dojo.  Normally we are adding to it at least once a week, usually more.  We don’t blog about every update we do, so I thought it would be worth while to summarise what’s been happening in the past couple of weeks.

First up – there’s a new Masterclass next week with one of the most awesome testers around.  On Thursday October the 15th Anne-Marie Charrett will be talking about ‘Testing micro-services when the stakes are high‘. We hosted a ‘Become the Sherlock Holmes of Software Testing’ last week and the recorded version will be appearing here soon for Pro subscribers.

Then there’s the continuation of our mobile testing series with Stephen Janaway.  This includes iOS Testing Using XCode and iOS Testing Using the iOS Simulator.

We’ve also been working with Mark Tomlinson who is really in the mood for celebrating TestBashNY and giving our podcasts some oomph.  We’ve published a few podcasts recently and there are some more coming!

We’ve also started experimenting with recording meetups.  We recorded a recent ‘Non Terrible UI Tests with Selenium‘ at a Brighton Meetup. We are currently exploring how to do more whilst maintaining a reasonable quality of video and audio.

And last, but by no means least, we have a new 99 Second talk by the lovely Kim Knup – Using the word “Agile” to describe a methodology.  We would love to have more people coming forward for these, details of how can be found here.