New Topics Pages: Find What You’re Looking For
22nd November 2019

Ministry of Testing is about to break the 1000 count for talks, articles, podcasts that we offer.  So whilst the content is great, it can sometimes be a bit hard to find what you’re looking for. To solve this, we have created Topic pages.  We want to offer you a catalogue that you can explore and browse with ease, and encourage you to discover new ideas and stories that have been shared.

So what are the topic pages?

We’ve selected nine of our most popular topics and created pages for each of them.  We’ve even organised the content by type. So if you want to quickly view all the podcasts about Leadership or articles on Performance testing, you can.  Not only does each topic page offer a quick view of related content but they come with one of our famous 99-second intro videos. 

The topics currently available are:


Contribute to our topics

Our topics list and pages are achievable thanks to the contributions from the community. We are always on the lookout for help, and you can get involved by:

  • Sharing your thoughts on what topics we should create pages for on The Club
  • Helping us to create 99-second introduction videos
  • Joining us in the discussion of our topics list and how we can improve it

Topic pages are just the start towards making the Dojo more discoverable and engaging, and we’re excited about its future and the potential of topics. We hope that we can carry out this work with the support of the community.