North West Tester Gathering Merges with Ministry of Testing Manchester
19th July 2019

"Woah, Big news! I am absolutely delighted to announce that as of Summer 2019 the artist formerly known as North West Tester Gathering is merging with Ministry of Testing Manchester!"

~ Amy Newton, NWTG Organiser

North West Tester Gathering (NWTG) is one of the longest standing meetups in Manchester with the first meetup being held on 23rd November 2011! Everyone who has been involved with NWTG over those eight years has brought so much value to the Manchester testing scene. Regular attendance at a NWTG is 50+! That’s a lot of great knowledge getting shared, which in turn has spread out to the wider testing community.

Ministry of Testing (MoT) brought the Software Testing Clinic (SWTC) to Manchester in 2018, a twelve-month programme of meetups aimed at introducing new people into software testing, and providing a foundation knowledge for existing testers who haven’t been on any formal training. MoT has also had a huge presence in Manchester as we brought TestBash, our software testing conference to Manchester in 2016, and we’ll be celebrating the fourth TestBash Manchester in October! However, we never ran any traditional meetups in Manchester because NWTG was doing such a kick-ass job!

Now as one combined meetup we’re really excited about what we can bring to the Manchester testing scene. We’ve had our first committee meeting and pleased to let you know that Amy Newton, Saskia Coplans, Gem Hill, Chris Forsyth, Richard Bradshaw, Dan Smart, Neil Studd, Marlon Hope and Roz Shaw are the new driving force behind MoT Manchester. We’ll be bringing regular meetups, workshops, SWTC sessions and lots of experiments to see what brings value this great Manchester testing community.

Getting Involved

If you’re currently a member of MoT Manchester and not a member of NWTG, you’ll need to join NWTG group as we’ll be closing down the MoT Manchester group and rebranding the NWTG to keep its incredible history (and larger member count (-; )!

If you’re interested in speaking at a future MoT Manchester Meetup get in touch with one of the committee members mentioned above.

We’re always looking for local companies to support our events in Manchester with sponsorship and venue support, so if your company is interested please get in touch via meetup.

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