Now Is The TestBash Time!
13th January 2016

Right! You.  Read this now.

I’m going to tell you as it is!  TestBash is the place to be!  Get booking your tickets!  Stop faffing about.  2016 is not the year for excuses.  If it were my boys speaking, they would call this a beastly event to attend!

I can tell you the early bird is ending at the end of this month. Save money by booking before the end of the month.  Plus, there’s a good chance there won’t be any tickets left after that


However, what is way more fun and exciting is that we have are probably the only testing conference that will have a Grammy Award Winning Singerspeaking.  Michael Wansley (aka TeeWanz) just happens to be a tester too.

Woah!  Testers can be cool too!

Of course, TeeWanz is cool.  But so are all the other testers coming along – to attend and speak!

So come along.

(If you are one of the clever and cool testers that has already booked your tickets, then you can probably skip the rest.  Or perhaps forward it over to some sad testers in need.  Go on. Really.  Let's eradicate sad testers. Sad testers are bad to have around.)

Really, come along.

Here’s a run down of what is happening during TestBash week.  There’s a real nice mixture of training courses, 1/2 day workshops and conference talks!

Pre Conference Training Courses

  • Rapid Software Testing – 3 Day Course with Michael Bolton – March 7th-9th
  • Exploring Mobile and API (In)Security – 1 Day Training Course with Bill Matthews – Monday 7th March 2016
  • Test Automation and Continous Integration at Scale – 1 day – Tuesday March 8th
  • Collaborative Exploratory and Unit Testing – 1 day training course with Maaret Pyhäjärvi & Llewellyn Falco. Wednesday March 9th 2016.

TestBash Workshop Day – 1/2 Day Workshops

Morning Workshops

  • Lego Automation – with Richard Bradshaw. Morning (9am – 12:30) workshop.
  • TestOps 101 – Become The Master of Your Domain – with Martin Hynie & Ioana Serban.
  • Connecting the Dots – Empowering People Through Play – Christina Ohanian & Nicola Sedgwick.
  • Testing the Bigger Picture – System Architectures – Ash Winter.
  • Building Quality in With Distributed Teams – Lisa Crispin & Abby Bangser.
  • Test Strategy in 10 Minutes – Bill Matthews & Pekka Marjamaki.

Afternoon Workshops

  • You Love Load Testing? So, what’s next? – with Mark Tomlinson.
  • The Test Doctor’s Proxy Surgery with Dan Billing.
  • Make Testing Visible: Developers Produce Code and Testers Produce… – Emma Armstrong.
  • Agile Testing Strategy – Responding to Change – Richard Bradshaw + Huib Schoots
  • Examine Your Testing Skills – Alexandra Casapu.
  • Understanding and Testing RESTful WEb Services – Mark Wintergham.

TestBash Conference Day!

10, actually 11 (depending how you count) fabulous talks.

  1. Building the Right Thing: How Testers Can Help – Lisa Crispin / Emma Armstrong
  2. Test/QA a Gate Keeper’s Experience – Michael Wansley
  3. A Pairing Experiment – Katrina Clokie
  4. Model Fatigue and How to Break It – John Stevenson
  5. Accepting Ignorance – The Force of a Good Tester – Patrick Prill
  6. Having All Your Testers Code: It Doesn’t Have to be a Big Deal – Anna Baik / Andrew Morton
  7. Do Testers Need a Thick Skin? Or Should We Admit We’re Simply Human? – Nicola Sedgwick
  8. Testing or Hacking? Real Advice on Effective Security Testing Strategies – Dan Billing
  9. Nowhere to Hide: Adjusting to Being a Team’s Sole Tester – Nicola Owen
  10. Smart Algorithms – Are We Ready For This? – Bill Matthews
  11. 99 Second Talks – By You The Audience!

Social Events Galore!

There will be meetups every evening.  Plus, if you are around on the Saturday we will be meeting up too!  There are no excuses not to make any nice tester friends!

Go book your place now!

And just in case you haven’t seen the link you need to register.  This is it. Use it. Now.

Hand crafted, with much love, by Rosie Sherry.

Oh, and sponsors.  Please come support us.  We need you! Hit reply if you are interested, or check out this link.