Open Space at TestBash Manchester
1st April 2016

So hopefully by now, you would have seen the conference line up for the Friday at TestBash Manchester and perhaps noticed that in the ticket options, there is one for TestBash + Open Space.

So what is this Open Space?

This will be the first TestBash Open Space and we’re seeing it as an initiative to get people talking more, and perhaps go a bit deeper on some topics. Those topics could be anything, even what you may have heard at the conference. By deeper, we mean many things, such as discussions and debates. Plus more hands on things such as tool demos, coding and some actual testing. It could be anything.

So the TestBash open space will essentially take the form of an unscheduled conference. There will be no schedule. Instead we, and I really do mean we, all attendees, will create the schedule in the morning. Everyone will have the ability to propose a session, in doing so though, you take ownership of facilitating said session. Once everyone has pitched their session ideas, we will bring them all together on a big planner and create our very own conference. Depending on the number of attendees we expect to have 4-5 tracks, so lots of variety.

Now we like to do things a little differently at the Ministry of Testing, so the TestBash Open Space won’t be completely unscheduled. We’ve invited some awesome people to talk and host sessions. These include Gem Hill, Amy Philips and Simon Bennetts. We will probably add one or two more people in due course. We’ve also had several of the conference speakers confirm they will be attending, including James Bach, Huib Schoots and Helena Jeret-Mäe.

The Open Space event has awesomely been sponsored by LateRooms, and it will be hosted at their office which is right next to Victoria station in Manchester city centre. The event will take place on Saturday, 22nd October 2016.

I genuinely believe this will be a fantastic day of learning, discussing and learning about topics that you want to hear about. I hope to see you there.

Richard Bradshaw