Revamping Resources For Software Testers
19th January 2018

At Ministry of Testing, we’ve been collecting links to handy resources for Software Testers for many years now. Our latest resource list is on websites for software testers to practice their testing on. We’ve been keeping them all together on The Dojo in our Resources series to make testers’ lives a little easier. You can access all these resources with a free Dojo Club account.

The idea behind the series was to create one place where testers could find and access all the useful and important things. The trouble with lists like these is how quickly things change. New testing tools are available on a monthly basis and our resources series can quickly go out of date. But, we think we’ve got a strategy to keep it current and even more valuable to testers. However, we need the testing community to help.

What’s the plan?

Crowdsourcing for the win! We’ve created a new resources category on our forum, The Club, for the community to be able to:

  • Discuss the different resources and tools: shared experiences of using tools and any pro-tips will be very valuable to the community and could help out testers just getting started in a new area of testing.

  • Share new and update existing resources: by letting us know of any changes to resources or of new resources we can keep the resources series up-to-date and valuable to testers.

We’re hoping with the testing community’s help, we can make the resources series better than ever!

Share All The Awesome Things You’ve Found!

Sharing is caring. If you’ve found a great resource, that’s not in our resources, that made your testing life easier; please share a link to it with a brief description of what it is and why it was so handy over at The Club. We’ll then review all posts, ready to add them to the resources series.

Together, we can make the resources for software testers, the best one-stop-shop for finding all the important things!