Test.bash(); - A Targeted Bash
23rd January 2018

TestBash is entering its 7th year, which we are really proud of here at Ministry of Testing. TestBash has done it’s best to bring a balance of talks that cover all the important aspects of testing, quality and working in software development. We feel we’ve been doing a good job of that and will continue with the same model, 7th year and now global, we’re clearly doing something right.

However, some aspects are moving faster than others, and one that’s hard to ignore is the community’s focus on technical testing and automation. We’ve included lots of training and talks on these topics at TestBash, but the demand is still high. We are in no doubt here at Ministry of Testing that teams and testers need a lot more than tools and automation skills in their belts, but we’ve been listening. The listening turned to pondering, and the pondering turned into Test.bash().

Test.Bash(); is going to be a one-day single track conference consisting of nine talks solely focused on technical testing and automation. It’s going to be on Friday 28th September 2018 at TestBash Manchester. The venue will be The Lowry.

Speak at Test.bash();

Come and speak? We’re looking for 30-45 minute talks, you can go ahead and submit them right now! As this TestBash is focused on automation and technical testing, the audience will be primed for talks that include code, live demos (if you're brave) and in depth talks on technical aspects of testing. If selected, Ministry of Testing will cover all your travel and accommodation expenses as per our speaker policy. Speakers will also get to attend the workshop day, TestBash and the open space. The deadline for submissions is 25th February 2018. Don’t delay submit them today!


Not interested in talking? Can’t make the event? Not to worry, you can still support Ministry of Testing by sharing news about our events and all that we do on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We really appreciate it.

Furthermore, you don’t have to miss out! All the TestBash talks from all 7 locations will be available on the Dojo with Pro Membership, check it out and get access to all the things!


Are you looking to increase your testing/quality team? Are you looking to promote your testing service or tools? Or do you just want to support the Manchester testing community? All these things are possible by sponsoring TestBash Manchester. If you want to be the first to hear about this year's options, please send an email to richard@ministryoftesting.com.

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We hope you can be a part of the first Test.Bash().

All the best,

Richard Bradshaw