TestBash Belfast Tickets Now On Sale!
7th February 2017

We have some exciting news on TestBash Belfast!  Tickets are now available for TestBash Belfast on 18th May 2017 at The Crescent Art Centre!

We are delighted to have talks from some incredibly inspiring people.  All providing great content in what we expect to be a warm, friendly atmosphere.

  • Cynefin for Testers – Liz Keogh
  • Shift Left, Shift Right and improve the Centre – A strategy for testers in continuous delivery context – Augusto “Gus” Evangelisti
  • The Automated Acceptance Testing Paradox – Mark Winteringham
  • The Hypocrisy of Hypotheses (Or, How do we test hypothesis driven acceptance criteria) – Sharon McGeeIs
  • It Too Late To Discover The Value Of Exploratory Testing? A Love Story – Simon Tomes
  • Tested By Monkeys – The End Of Banana Software! – Jeremias Rößler
  • A Test Pyramid Heresy – a fresh look at test automation strategies – John Ferguson Smart
  • Testing So You Can Move On – Nicola Owen
  • A Tale Of Testability – Rob Meaney
  • Testing in Production – dangerous, scary or better? – Jon Hare-Winton

There will also be two days of training going on prior to the conference itself. Focusing on Testing Web Services and hosted by Mark Winteringham.