TestBash Brighton 2019
13th June 2018

by Rosie Sherry

Pay attention! New things! And submissions details below!

Of course TestBash Brighton, our biggest and much loved software testing conference, is coming back next year. As always we are evolving as we feel and see the community change.

2019 will see Kim Knup join us as a lead designer of the event.  Kim has long been a supporter, attendee and speaker at many of our TestBash and Meetup events.  She also lives local to Brighton.  Rosie is particularly excited to see what she can bring to our TestBash experiences.  

"I am really excited to help shape TestBash Brighton for 2019. TestBash Brighton was where I first met the testing community and it ignited a passion for the craft that since has just grown. Going to TestBash has helped me grow as a tester and person immensely. I am looking forward to giving back, especially with our new 4 day event!” - Kim

TestBash Brighton 2019 will see it become a 4 day event, plus some training days before hand.

Day 1: TestBash Essentials (Wednesday 3rd of April 2019)

TestBash Essentials is a new one day conference that provides an introduction to the world of software testing.

This could be of interest to a variety of people looking to navigate and understand the world of testing:

  • new software testers
  • developers
  • designers
  • managers

TestBash Essentials is about bringing testing knowledge and experience to those that would benefit from it, but not necessarily be an expert in it (yet).  We feel the world would be a better place if we could share the bare essentials of good testing in a space that does not require prior knowledge.

Of course this means we are looking for submissions for this conference that will cater for this audience. This means that the topics do not need to be new ideas.  Our focus is to cover introductory and basic software testing concepts really well. 

Can you help with that? 

Then submit a talk! 

Also find out all the positive reasons why you should speak at a TestBash event.

Day 2: TestBash Workshop Day  (Thursday April 4th 2019)

We’ve been doing our workshop days for a while now and we find they work really well.  They sold out well in advance last time, so we’ll be looking at increasing the workshops that we offer. 

Again, we will be looking for submission to present 1/2 day workshops on a variety of topics. These workshops do not need to be new content, but they will more likely be accepted if they tackle practical and modern testing challenges.

Can you help with that? 

Then submit a workshop!

(Don't pay to speak!)

Day 3: TestBash Conference Day  (Friday April 5th 2019)

This will be the busiest day of all where we will expect over 400 testers to be attending.  As always we will be looking for talk submissions to cover anything related to testing and challenges to working in tech.  There is no set theme.

Can you help with that? 

Then submit a talk!

(Every talk is a keynote!)

Day 4: TestBash Open Space (Saturday April 6th 2019)

Our Open Space, a fantastic opportunity to create your own schedule with the other attendees to talk and learn about the topics that interest you.

No submissions for this one, just buy a ticket and attend!  Nice, right?


What next?

We will be accepting proposals until Friday August 17th 2018, please submit!

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