TestBash Brighton 2019 Tickets Now on Sale!
10th October 2018

By Rosie Sherry and Kim Knup

TLDR; Tickets are now on sale for TestBash Brighton. We’re excited about the strong connection and growth of the MoT Community and expanding our offerings.  We have TestBash Essentials, TestBash Workshops and TestBash conference tickets to choose from.  Plus, we are now offering childcare for the 3 days. 

Have a peek to see what interests you and your team!

We just hosted our first Test.bash(); - our first software testing conference with a theme on technical skills and automation.  We have proper feels for what TestBash Essentials is going to be like after the immense positive feedback from Test.bash();

So, we’ll keep it to the point. This is what you need to know about TestBash Brighton 2019…

Automation in Testing

A 3 day course, from Monday 1st of April to Wednesday 3rd of April, to help you with your test automation challenges.  This will be taught by Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham - we’ve done this twice before our TestBashes recently and they’ve both sold out. 

TestBash Essentials

TestBash Essentials will be on Wednesday 3rd of April 2019 - it’s a one day single track conference focused on the foundations of software testing.  This has been on our wishlist for a while as we believe something out there should exist to help newer people to testing learn about good, not necessarily new, testing ideas. We actually think this could be really useful to all testers, but really it’s designed to cover essential software testing topics well.

TestBash Workshop Day 

TestBash Workshop Day will be on Thursday 4th of April 2019 - our workshops have sold out the past couple of years.  They are all half day sessions with a max of 30 attendees, designed to give attendees and trainers plenty of opportunity to support and communicate with one another.

There is an exception to the TestBash Workshop Day attendee numbers - as we are trialling out a Workshop Track. We have grouped some talks that cover similar topics into a 1/2 day workshop session.  We’ve done this for talks about Continuous Development and Personal Stories.  So in each of these workshop tracks you will get to see talks and have time for discussion.

TestBash Conference Day

This is the main conference day and will be the busiest with lots and lots of software testers on the day.  It is our traditional single track software testing focused conference, with lots of pre and post and activities:  from meetups, to lean coffees, to runs and more!

Childcare at TestBash!

We will have Childcare for the first time! Yes, Rosie played #passthepiper at last Manchester and Brighton TestBashes, but she didn’t get to see (m)any of the talks.  We’d love to give parents the option to bring their children and have the childcare support for them.

We’ve allocated a room at the conference venue to be a place for the children. We will hire qualified and police checked carers to come in and support us.  This will be available on Essentials, Workshop and main TestBash conference day (ie - Wednesday to Friday).  We will be designing this and all the activities according to who signs up.  Realistically, we think we can accommodate 20 children.

We’ll probably be making a loss on this financially, but we are a hoping a company will step up and sponsor us to help cover the costs.

Open Space

We will be back for the open space on Saturday 6th of April.  This is where attendees get to decide what to talk about and which talks to attend on the day.

What next?

Check out the full line up of talks and speakers for TestBash Essentials and TestBash Workshops and Talks.  Then buy your tickets!

Can your company support us?  Check out our sponsorship options!