TestBash Brighton 2020: Our Biggest TestBash Yet!
14th October 2019

TestBash Brighton is back, bigger than ever and crammed full of learning opportunities for testers at every level. From Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March 2020, it’s going to be a bonanza week. You’ll need to move quickly because the tickets are going to fly out!

Tell Me More

We are always exploring how to improve every TestBash, our software testing conference, none more so than the original TestBash, Brighton. In true agile fashion, we held a retrospective earlier this year, where we explored all the feedback from Brighton 2019, the good and the bad, wove that with our own feelings and mapped out some ideas and experiments.

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to deliver as many of the changes as we can to you. There are lots more surprises yet to come but here’s everything you need to know so far.

What’s New?

Meetup Open Space

We’re moving the Open Space to be a midweek meetup! Having the Open Space on Saturday made it harder for many folks to attend, but it was also difficult for people to maintain their energy levels after TestBash.

Therefore, we are going to experiment with having the Open Space as part of the pre-TestBash meetup, as one of the many options we’ll have available during the evenings to ensure we offer something for everyone. We believe this will provide an opportunity to reflect on the workshops, or for TestBash attendees to meet and explore ideas before the conference day. This, of course, means that anyone in the area can also attend without needing a ticket. Stay tuned to the Brighton meetup page for more details.

Community Space

The evolution of the UnExpo, the Community Space. We’ve run two UnExpos at Brighton now which were huge successes, the feedback on both occasions was overly positive. However, as mentioned, we are always looking to improve, so welcome the Community Space.

The UnExpo will form part of the Community Space, allowing attendees and speakers to create posters to share ideas and trigger conversations. In addition to that, we are generating a true Ministry of Testing experience by bringing our online world to TestBash. We’ll have things like The Club Wall, where you can post and answer questions just like on The Club. We’ll have live Ask Me Anythings with several of the speakers. We’ll record some Ministry of Testing podcasts live and a whole host of other surprises.


Outside of the certification schemes, there are little opportunities for in-depth face to face training, we want to change that! So, we’ll be starting the week with not one, not two but THREE three-day training courses! Automation in Testing will be returning with Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw. We’re delighted to be hosting Janet Gregory with ‘Agile Testing for the Whole Team’. Then we have the brand new three-day course from the Ministry of Testing titled, ‘Testing Essentials Intensive’ lead by Dan Ashby and Karo Stolzenburg.


Last year we experimented with a themed TestBash called Essentials, focusing on entry-level talks into the field of testing. It was a great day, but the feedback was that it needed to be more hands-on. So, this year we have Essentials @ TestBash, a full-day hands-on workshop lead by Dan Ashby and Essentials Meetup hosts, formerly the Software Testing Clinic.

The Schedule

Training Courses (Monday 23rd- Wednesday 25th March)

If you’re looking for a deep dive, at any level, we’ve got you covered. Each of these training courses will run for 3-days:

  • Automation in Testing with Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw
  • Agile Testing for the Whole Team with Janet Gregory
  • Essentials Intensive with Dan Ashby and Karo Stolzenburg.

Ticket prices for our 3-day training courses start at a Super Early Bird rate of £1000-1400 including VAT. Places are limited so get that request into your boss as soon as you can.

Workshops (Thursday, 26th March)

Did we mention crammed with learning opportunities? We’ve got TEN half-day workshops and a full-day workshop on Thursday. You’re spoiled for choice.


  • Essentials @ TestBash

Half-day Workshops


  • Kickstart Your Performance Testing with Konrad Marszałek
  • Testing: Don't Just Do It, Show It! with Jitesh Gosai
  • There's No U in Coach with Lindsay Strydom
  • Consumer Driven Contract Testing - TTDing Microservices with Gopinath Langote
  • Wander with a Purpose: Writing Charters For Your Exploratory Test Sessions with Elizabeth Zagroba


  • Hacking the Juice Shop: Security Testing for Beginners with Lena Wiberg
  • TestOpsy, Dissecting Your Testing - Live Testing Subtitled with Huib Schoots
  • The Whole Team Approach to Continuous Delivery with Ashley Hunsberger & Janet Gregory
  • Stop Calling Everything a Mock! Learn Test Doubles with Ana Maria del Carmen Garcia Oterino
  • Postcards From the Edge (Cases) / Accessibility Testing for Beginners with Elizabeth Fiennes

Workshop ticket prices start at £399 including VAT for the Super Early Birds amongst you so get in early to nab your first pick and a bargain. 

TestBash (Friday, 27th March)

Of course, we’re wrapping up this exciting week with our much loved, single-track conference which has a fabulous lineup if we do say so ourselves.

  • Hurdles of Testing Large-scale Software Systems with Michaela Greiler
  • Supporting Testers to Become Product Owners with Pradeep Soundararajan
  • Leadership: A Parents Handbook with Shey Crompton
  • Should We Just... Delete It? with João Rosa Proença
  • Do No Harm - How Testing Is Quite a Lot like Brain Surgery… with Kevin Harris
  • How to Coach Subject Matter Experts to Do Testing with Jesper Ottosen
  • Inspiration ...and Burnout with Maryam Umar
  • Can We Use the Modern Testing Principles to Test for Testers? with Meaghan Thompson
  • How “Good” is Your Product? With Dan Ashby

Next Steps?

Head to the TestBash Brighton event page for more in-depth information about all the sessions and the conference.

Don’t need to know more, just want to get your ticket? Head over to our ticketing page and grab them quickly at the Super Early Bird rates!

We look forward to bringing this awesome community together again at TestBash Brighton 2020.