TestBash Brighton – Call For Papers
19th July 2016

There’s lots going down at Ministry of Testing HQ! It seems like there is a TestBash here there and everywhere – Manchester, Philadelphia, Netherlands and next up (again) is Brighton.

TestBash Brighton is happening on March 23rd-24th 2017.

And we have a new venue!  This is partly because we’ve out grown our previous one and whilst the Tour de Brighton Workshops was an interesting challenge – I’d rather not have multiple workshops happening at multiple different locations!

We will have 2 days and use of an entire building.  More of us can fit, so hopefully, there will be less sad people.  And, and, and we’ll have much more flexibility in the things we do.  We’re pretty excited at the potential of all the new things we can do!

As with all TestBashes – they are nothing without you the community.  We encourage you to apply. We welcome all applications, don’t be shy!  We would be more than happy to answer any questions or support anyone looking for guidance in submitting, you just need to ask.

We’re currently looking for speakers/presenters/workshoppers and all the cool ideas you may want to present.