TestBash Dublin Tickets Now On Sale!
14th December 2017

TestBash Dublin Tickets Now On Sale!

On 18th May, TestBash Dublin is happening.

TestBash is returning to the island of Ireland! This time we’re going to Dublin, the home of Guinness and an awesome community of testers. We think it’s going to be even more awesome than last time.

Last year we had TinyTestBash Belfast, this year we’re taking it on tour! As always, we are looking to keep the same friendly and learning focused vibe of all TestBash events.

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We continue to invest in our software testing community in various ways and always put our values and ethics before profit. You should know all speakers travel costs are paid (no matter where they travel from), this is something we have done from the very first TestBash.

We also like to ensure there is diversity in attendees and speakers. We do this through mostly being nice and thoughtful, but we also like to ensure everyone feels welcome. We invest in new speakers to bring new ideas and voices to our industry. We invest in local speakers to help them get their voices to a global audience. We also ensure we have been thoughtful and sensitive towards a variety of diversity issues that exist in the tech world today.

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So What Can You Expect?

Pre-training Day

On Thursday 17th May, we will be having a pre-training course with the wonderful Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin, the Authors of Agile Testing and More Agile Testing Books: “Exploring Features and Stories: How Testing Helps Teams Build Shared Understanding”.

Conference Day Friday 18th May

We have a jam-packed single track conference day, have yourself and your batteries charged, it’ll be worth it! For the early birds, we will start at 8am with a purely optional, chilled and enjoyable lean coffee.

The conference line up consists of 9 talks, plus the famous 99-second talks that all attendees are welcome to take part in.

Then, yes, you probably guessed it. A fun packed meetup with food and drink afterwards. Did we say it was jam-packed?

So, what talks are we bringing I hear you ask? We have quite a lineup:

  • Organisational Psychotherapy Taster – Bob Marshall
  • Testers as Test Consultants: How to learn the skills? – Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin
  • The Anxious Tester – Chris Kelly
  • Take the Blue pill, or the red pill, you decide if you want to change – Leigh Rathbone
  • Mistakes Matter – Maximizing the Benefits of Mistakes Made in Testing – Rosie Hamilton
  • How to win with automation and influence people – Gwen Diagram
  • Beware The Pickle – Ard Kramer & Beren Van Daele
  • How to make your test environment work for you – Erol Selitektay
  • From tester to test coach, a voyage into the unknown – Rob Meaney

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