TestBash Home Sponsorship Starts With a Bang
20th May 2021

This year we started with the goal of matching our TestBash Home 2020 sponsorship funding, which seems pretty reasonable.   Thankfully we’ve matched our goal for sponsorship this year with 4 Green Belt Sponsors and 2 Yellow Belt Sponsors!

As a small business, sponsorship means we can pay speakers and hosts for their time!  It also means we can pay for the platforms we use to broadcast TestBash Home and it keeps the MoT staff fully caffeinated throughout the whole event.  We always aim to have Sponsors that align with all things MoT and to work with us in a way that is fully transparent to our community.

Who Are The TestBash Home Sponsors? 

As mentioned, we have 4 Green Belt Sponsors Inflectra, Provar, mabl, Qase.io, and 2 Yellow Belt Sponsors eBay and TestRail.  We’re going to be sharing more about these excellent sponsors in the coming weeks! 

If you want to see your company become a TestBash Home Sponsor, email marketing@ministryoftesting.com to find out the options available!