TestBash in the USA Is Back!
17th March 2016

U.S.A! U.S.A! No, I’m not at a presidential rally, I’m chanting about the fact that TestBash is returning to the US of A! U.S.A!

After the great success of TestBashNY 2015, we are returning to America with TestBash in 2016. This years conference will be a two day single track with a variety of activities thrown in to keep you on your toes.

“Yes, sure… but where? When?” Good question: Thursday and Friday, November 10 and 11, 2016 at the FringeArts Theater in Philadelphia.

That’s right, we are going to the home of the cheesesteak, the steps Rocky ascended, the birthplace of the Fresh Prince, it’s Phillllllllly!

So it’s me, Richard Bradshaw (@FriendlyTester) and with the help of many friends who is going to lead the making of an awesome TestBashUSA. It’s an absolute honour to be asked to work on TestBashUSA. I will give this event all that I can. I’m aiming to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe and able to learn.

I have many ideas I intend to put into action. More of those as we get closer to the event, but my ideas are useless without you. I need you… All of you.


We’re going to experiment with a two day event with a single track, so we’re looking for variety in the talk submissions. We need the sit down and listen talks. We need the high level of attendee interaction talks. We need get up and move around talks. We need highly creative, fun, but focused on learning talks. We are looking to form a programme with a combination of all these things. Do you have something different, crazy if you dare, never been done before ideas, let us know about them, let’s see if we can turn them into the “been done”.


The topics or themes of these talks can be on whatever you think we want to hear about, but more importantly the community would like to hear about.

As mentioned, the conference will be a single track, but that doesn’t stop us doing a conference wide workshop if you can come up with a compelling one, and that works for 200+ people! Be creative. Let’s be experimental, experiential, let’s push some boundaries.


This event is for you!

Request For Requests For Proposals (RFRFP). If you do not have a talk to propose, but would really like to hear someone present on a given topic, let us know. We will see if we can find someone capable of delivering it.

Got a speaker who you would love to see at TestBash Philly? Tell us who that is, we will see if we can make it happen. At the last Testbash in Brighton, one of the most popular speakers was a Grammy Award winning singer who was requested by a Testbash attendee… and so, we went out and got him. Maybe you have a similarly great idea that can top that.

Tell people about this event. Encourage people that you believe have a great problem-solving story that they need to share it. Know people in the area? Let them know it’s taking place.

So there it is. I really hope you can all be a part of TestBashUSA with me in some form or another, and help me make 2016 even better (and bigger!) than 2015.

Full details here!

(Submissions closed)