TestBash Manchester Is Coming!
7th February 2016

I’m so pleased to announce that TestBash is coming to Manchester. I’m excited about this on so many levels, the most important being, I’m a northern boy, Manchester born and bred. Also, Manchester and the North are thriving at the moment, and it deserves a TestBash, so I’m bringing one. It isn’t going to be as big as the main TestBash, or a small as a TinyTestBash, it’s going to be TestBash Manchester!

TestBash Manchester is going to be held at The Lowry Theatre on Friday 21st October 2016.

So it’s me, Richard Bradshaw (@FriendlyTester) who is going to be in charge of making TestBash Manchester awesome. It’s an absolute honour to be bringing TestBash up north. I will give this event all I can, aiming to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe and able to learn.

I have many ideas I intend to put into action, more of those closer to the event, but my ideas are useless without you, I need you, all of you.


I struggle with conference themes, I often find myself re-writing my stories/messages with different words to try and please the committee. I’ve reviewed many abstracts from speakers who have done the same. It can lead to a confusing abstract, unnecessary waffle and distract from what should be the core, your story. So we have no theme. But I do have some requests.

Send me abstracts that are filled with what you want to talk about, your experiences, your stories. Have you had some interesting experiences recently that others can learn from? Tell us about them. Have you solved difficult problems? How did you solve those problems? How did you know they were solved? Why did those problems get your focus? Tell us all about them. Your experiences and stories can be on any topic that relates to testing.

I just want honest, experience based, congruent stories filled with passion and energy.


This event is for you. Tell people about it, encourage people that you believe have a great story to share it. Reach out to me, tell me what you want to see at the event.

So there it is, I really hope you can all be a part of TestBash Manchester with me in some form or another, and help me rock the first TestBash Manchester.

[Submissions are now closed].

Submissions close Friday 18th March