Testbash Netherlands 2017
1st July 2016

A very important announcement from our good friend Huib Schoots.

Do you know what the UK, USA and the Netherlands have in common? TestBash! I am very excited to announce that TestBash is coming to Utrecht next year!

After being at TestBash for five times already, I know what a great conference TestBash is. Awesome speakers, great atmosphere, fun social events and the great community made me come back year after year. That’s why I am very excited to bring this awesomeness to my own country!

TestBash Netherlands 2017 is going to be held at a friendly and cosy 19th century historic venue, Boothstraat 7 in Utrecht on Thursday and Friday 26th and 27th January 2017.

Oh yes, TestBash is coming to the Netherlands! Land of tulips, wooden shoes, cheese, pancakes and windmills!

So it’s me, with the help of many friends who are going to create the best testing conference ever in the Netherlands! It’s a blast to be bringing TestBash to the European continent. I will give this event all I can, aiming to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe and able to learn.

I have many ideas I intend to put into action. But my ideas are useless without you. So please help me. All of you!


This conference will have no specific theme. The first day will be filled with 6 half-day and 3 full-day workshops. The second day will be a single track with 30-minute talks.

So please send me abstracts telling me what you want to talk about: your experiences, your stories and stuff you want to teach others. Have you had some interesting experiences recently that others can learn from? Tell us about them. Have you solved difficult problems? How did you solve those problems? How did you know they were solved? Why did those problems get your focus? Tell us all about them. Your workshops, experience talks and stories can be on any topic that relates to testing.

I just want honest, experience based, congruent sessions filled with passion and energy.

Community: this event is for you!

First of all: this event will be surrounded by social events TestBash style! Food, drinks and games at pubs nearby the venue, before and after each of the conference days. So it might be a good idea to book a hotel or come by train.

If you do not have a talk to propose, but would really like to hear someone present on a given topic, let us know. We will see if we can find someone capable of delivering it. Or maybe you know a speaker who you really would love to see at TestBash Netherlands? Have you heard about an awesome workshop you want to do? Tell us what and who, and we will see if we can make it happen. At the last TestBash in Brighton, one of the most popular speakers was Grammy Award winning singer Teewanz who was requested by a TestBash attendee… and so, we went out and got him. Maybe you have a similar great idea that can top that?

Tell people about this event. Encourage people that you believe have a great problem solving story that they need to share it. Know people in the area? Let them know it’s taking place.

So here we go! I really hope you can all be a part of TestBash Netherlands with me in some way and help me make this event bigger and better than any testing conference ever seen in the Netherlands.

Why the Netherlands? This is why.

Yours Truly,

Huib Schoots

Want to submit?

If you would like to submit to TestBash Netherlands 2017 please complete the form below. The CFP (Call for papers) will end July 31st 2016.

The CFP (Call for Papers) for TestBash Netherlands has now closed.