TestBash New Zealand Online 2020 - All You Need Is An Internet Connection
4th June 2020

Did you know that software companies often release new versions of their products to New Zealand users first? Companies like Facebook and Twitter often test out new features on the NZ audience due to having a similar demographic to larger user bases such as the UK and US. But not Ministry of Testing, we love New Zealand far too much to do that, we’ll have four releases under our belt before we bring our latest release to New Zealand!

That release is TestBash New Zealand Online 2020. We are bringing TestBash to New Zealand again this year, but this time via the powers of the internets. This online conference won’t be back to back talks, instead, we hope to show off the vibrant New Zealand testing community, and the country's beauty to the rest of the world!


Call for Papers

With TestBash New Zealand now coming to you online and on a new date, we felt it was only fair to restart our Continuous Call For Papers (CCFP) for this event. This restart means that all previously submitted abstracts are now void and everyone has to submit again. We’ve done this to give everyone the same amount of time to submit and for each proposal to be reviewed. 

The great advantage of talking at TestBash New Zealand is that you don’t need to travel. So you can now speak at TestBash New Zealand Online 2020 from any part of the World!  

We are looking for 30-minute talks with an additional 10 minutes for Q&A at the end and we are offering $1,000 (NZD) to all successful submissions.

Check the CCFP link for more information and submit your abstract before the 12th of July 2020.



The tickets for TestBash New Zealand Online 2020 are now available at $199 (NZD) each. That’s a single ticket price for a full day packed with Talks, Activities, Community Space, our world-famous 99-Second Talks and many more surprises.

Secure yours now by heading over to our Ticket Page and book yours now!

(If you’re purchasing your tickets outside the UK, international bank transaction fees might apply).



Do you want to sponsor TestBash New Zealand Online 2020? 

For over a decade, Ministry of Testing has built up a global software testing community of tens of thousands of testers strong. TestBash New Zealand is where our community comes to meet, learn and engage in real conversations. By sponsoring TestBash New Zealand Online 2020 you will achieve reach and recognition with our entire community, demonstrating your support for the testing community. Helping us, help them.

Contact us on newzealand@ministryoftesting.com for more information.


Do you have credit with Ministry of Testing and would like to use it to purchase tickets to TestBash New Zealand? Get in touch with us on newzealand@ministryoftesting.com with your previous booking details.