TestBash USA 2018 is Heading to San Francisco!
4th January 2018

That’s right, our US edition of our software testing conference TestBash for 2018 is heading to the home of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Our first TestBash in the US was in New York followed by two epic years in Philadelphia, but it’s time for a change.

Our original plan for TestBash in the US was to alternate between the east and west coast, but we’ve been unable to achieve that thus far due to various reasons. However, Mark Tomlinson who helps us co-organise TestBash Philadelphia indicated that he is looking to take a break from conferences in 2018 to focus on himself and life. So this left us wondering where to take TestBash USA 2018!

So we thought back to our original east-west goal and while we were exploring our options Ash Coleman reached out indicating her desire to bring TestBash to San Francisco along with Angie Jones. We discussed it in more depth and the pieces just fell into place, so we are running with it, and it’s going to be epic!

Some words from Angie and Ash

I’m elated to be included in taking TestBash from coast to coast, landing on the West Coast, USA! A favorite conference of mine, only made better with its diverse backdrops found all around the world, it’s a pleasure to invite all to join us in our current home town, San Francisco. In the traditional TestBash fashion, I’m excited to include this location for the open calls available to all amazing speakers looking to spread knowledge and love about testing and ‘All the Things’! I look forward to the ridiculous amount of fun we are fixin’ to have and am grateful for this lovely opportunity!

~ Ash Coleman

San Francisco is considered by many to be a driving force of technology and innovation. There’s something about this place that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world. What a perfect place to host this year’s TestBash USA! Join us for two days of fun-filled, boundless learning where our beautiful foggy sky is the limit.

~ Angie Jones

Apply to speak

You have stories and ideas you want to share with us or the solution of a tricky problem you solved. We want talks that are highly creative, fun, but still focus on learning.

The Ministry of Testing now has a Continuous Call for Papers. This means you can apply to speak at TestBash San Francisco at the same time as any of the other TestBashes. We will be reviewing TestBash San Francisco submissions until 11th March 2018 – this means if you submit before this date then your submission will be considered for San Francisco.

TestBash is a very friendly community focused software testing conference and the right place to start your speaker career – 99 seconds or 30 minutes – it is up to you! New voices – we want to give you a stage to share your stories and to send sparks of your testing fire to an inflammable and engaged audience. If you have passion and energy for your profession, this is the place to share it!

If you need help to prepare your talk, please contact us, we know amazing experienced speakers who love to help new voices. Be courageous and step up!


This event is for you! Got a speaker who you would love to see at TestBash San Francisco? Tell us who that is, we will see if we can make it happen. Tell people about this event. Encourage people that you believe have a great problem-solving story that they need to share it. Know people in the area? Let them know it’s taking place.


If you want to support us for this amazing event, we will be looking for sponsors. This is your chance to present your brand to a bunch of highly engaged testers.

For more details on the sponsorship options please email sanfrancisco@ministryoftesting.com

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