The Super Testing Bros Have Completed Their Final Level
19th December 2018

Our Beginnings

In late 2016, James and I were pondering how we could broaden our personal testing communities and better connect with the world. I had a young family and James was due to join that merry band of fathers a few months later, getting to meetups was difficult and while we have an incredible community here in New Zealand, we understood that we are somewhat tucked away in our little corner of the world. Our ambition was to interact with and learn and share learnings through podcasts, we could reach out to the world and help testers around the world to improve their learning. 

So we jumped into it, became the Super Testing Bros, recorded and released our first episode in Jan 2017. Then we got lucky fast, even before we had our first guest on the show, whilst at Cast-X 2017, I struck up a conversation with Mark Tomlinson who gave us some great advice on podcasting and most significantly pointed us at the Ministry of Testing.

Our Relationship With Ministry of Testing

It took a couple of months to work out the groundwork, in that time we continued podding along with some fantastic NZ based guests, but we'd decided that we wanted to go to a European TestBash, in particular, TestBash Manchester. We agreed with Richard Bradshaw (BossBoss) to record interviews with each of the conference speakers and workshoppers in exchange for our tickets, and our company training budget would cover our flights. 

The experience of interviewing European and North American testers was profound, not only did we learn that during the NZ winter daylight savings is not conducive to convenient conversations with Europe, but we had our entire testing perspective shifted many times, by the shared experiences and learning from these great conversations. We made some great new friends and agreed to produce a podcast a month for the Ministry of Testing going forward. 

Our Final Level

But now as we close out 2018, with 2 full years of podcasting and a great deal more knowledge under our belts this journey has concluded with our final podcast "Super Testing World", and we begin new chapters in our careers. 

With a massive thanks to the support from Ministry of Testing, our listeners and guests we wish you all the best, a Merry Christmas and a happy new year full of learning and growth. 

James Espie & Dan Barrow (the Super Testing Bros)