The TestBash TestMatch - A Conference Game To Connect People
9th April 2018

At TestBash Brighton we tried out a new game.  We called it TestMatch.  Sounds cheesy, but it turned out so good!

One of the biggest challenges people face at conferences is getting to know one another.  We put a lot of effort into this at our TestBash conferences. From meetups, to lean coffees, to unexpos and all the way to a general positive atmosphere.  The TestMatch idea came about by wondering how, as people, can we focus in on what we have in common.  Rather than looking at our differences, how can we find out how we are similar.

I've seen how many friendships and networks have grown over the years at TestBash.  And sure, we most likely all have a common interest in software testing, but we are human first and other interests keep us together too.  TestMatch was an attempt at finding out what we could find in common. There were no limits to finding a match, anything connecting two or more people was a valid entry.

Most TestBash attendees submitted their entries via Twitter.  To be honest, there were so many entries, but most of them brought smiles to our faces.

Have a browse of the #tbtestmatch hashtag on Twitter yourself!