The TinyTestBash That Was
1st January 2016

Good times were had at our TinyTestBash software testing conference!

I’m not really quite sure how the time has passed.  It’s now been 2 months since TinyTestBash happened!  I have had time to reflect after a hectic and much needed rest towards the end of the year.

How Did TinyTestBash Go?

From my perspective I found it to be a pleasurable, enlightening and (more) relaxing experience than the more ‘normal and bigger’ annual TestBash we have.  I definitely think there is room for more TinyTestBash-es.

The things that I and others seemed to love were:

  • a smaller event made it easier to talk to people
  • it was really nice to hear new voices
  • the new voices actually performed really well and put so much effort into their talks
  • the topics seemed more relevant to testers on a day to day basis

We continue investing in The Dojo with the aim to creating the best software testing resource possible.  TinyTestBash videos are available here.  We hope you will consider going Pro, every subscriber helps us continue creating awesome-ness for you.

You can view photos from the day here.

The future of TinyTestBashes

We do plan on hosting at least one TinyTestBash in 2016.  Our idea at the moment is to work closely with some members of the community to help us host them in different locations each time.  The idea I currently have is to have someone I trust (!) run the next one with the intention of creating a model on how future TinyTestBashes should be run.

We welcome ideas from the community on how to run TinyTestBashes, my current thinking would seek to get advice on:

  • how to choose organisers
  • how to choose locations
  • how to select speakers
  • how to decide the format of the day
  • how to openly and ethically share the income of TinyTestBash

All of the above would need to be in line with our goals of:

  • we believe the (testing) world needs more voices and ideas
  • we want to facilitate more local events…
  • …so we can create an even stronger community.

If you are interested in talking about the future of TinyTestBash (and all things Ministry of Testing) then email to request access to our Ministry of Testing Slack where we are trying to keep these conversations in one place.