We've Just Launched Coding for Non Coders!
17th January 2019

We're excited to be taking some serious action in educating the world of testing.  To code, or not to code? Should I be more technical or not?  To understand software and the systems better, or not?  How can I get started in coding?  

This is one of the biggest discussion and debated areas within the software testing world.

In fact, it's not just the testing world that discusses this.  I've come across many an article from designers questioning whether they should be more technical too.  Testers are not alone in this in this battle.

Jim will help you get your head around getting started with some basic coding concepts.  But perhaps more importantly, he'll equip you to have better conversations about the tech you are helping to build.  You can learn about code to help you automate tests, or you can learn about code to help you understand the many ways you can contribute to making better software. 

Both reasons are perfectly valid.

It's pretty exciting that Jim Holmes has poured his time and creativity to put this course together.  I've been keeping a close eye on his tweets throughout his creation of the course and it's been wonderful to see the attention he has given it all.

Both Jim and MoT will be working together closely to ensure that support is given to those that do the course.  It's entirely online and support is provided via a private section on The Club.

Check out the Coding for Non-Coders course.

With pleasure,
Rosie and TeamMoT