Why 1000 Attendee Goal for TestBash Home 2021?
28th May 2021

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Hello, everybody is Richard Bradshaw here BossBoss at Ministry of testing. So hopefully most of you have heard that as much home is coming back on the 17th of June, what you've probably also seen though, is the Ministry of testing team talking about the number of signups. And I wanted to explain why we're doing it. And also, we mentioned the goal of 1000 attendees and why 1000? 

So firstly, why we're being so open and public, we're shifting the way that we work to basically build in public. So if you're not familiar with the concept, just try to be a bit more open, be more open about our plans, our goals, our finances, after all, we're our community, you know of testers and our people interested in testing. And we, you know, also there is also a business behind Ministry of Testing, but, we're not a business that's, you know, trying to, you know, feed the pockets of, you know, give everyone huge salaries and stuff like that. 

We're known for being very, very generous, very open, we pay for people's time, we have a scholarship, you know, we're a very open business. And I think, now we're looking to shift more into that wider space of actually just show them a bit more of an insight into that. So that's why we're doing it. 

And then you've seen the goal of 1000 attendees. Now, the figure that this comes from is last year, we had, I believe, just shy of 800, I'm not entirely sure it was maybe eight, maybe slightly more, the figure in the system is not the one that actually attended. So it's probably was closer to 900. But we sold, we sold just under 800, actual tickets. And then obviously, there were volunteers and staff and people who got tickets via the scholarship and stuff. 

So really, the goal of 1000 came from wanting to match last year, really. And we've also, you know, we're in a position now where there's, we've got, we've got our pro members now. So obviously homes included if you're a pro member, so we expect a large majority of them to register. And then obviously people who buy tickets as well. Yeah, there's no real logic to it apart from I want Home to be as good as last year. I know there's a lot of change. Home, you know, we were so quick to respond last year. And it's really what people needed. I know Mark and Simon did a racket earlier about you know how a bit of zoom fatigue and a bit of video burnout. But we want, while the talks and everything are going to be awesome. the reason why we're doing it, as you know, we want the 1000s of ya, just to come together don't have to be there for long, you know, you don't have to stay for the whole 24 hours, obviously, you could just get in for an hour, a couple of hours. But when you do dip in, we want it to be MoT, we want it to have that TestBash vibe, we want you to see fellow testers, see old colleagues, you know, people who you learn from where we wanted you and we want you those people to be there. 

So that's why we're after the 1000 attendees to bring that buzz to bring that MoT magic to bring that energy. And also just to feel the growth. Like I mentioned on Twitter earlier today, Home, Home is here to stay. And you know, next year, I've mentioned we're going to have Brighton, TestBash Brighton in in March. TestBash Manchester in September as a bare minimum, you know, we don't know what else might happen yet. But Home is going to stay because, um, Home enables people who can't travel for whatever reasons, you know, there's 1000s of reasons why people can't travel. But TestBash is not accessible for them. TestBash Home is accessible for them. And speakers who, again, can't travel but really want to talk on the TestBash stage. Home gives them that ability. 

So I want that momentum to keep going. So yeah, that's why the 1000 number is it's not a financial reason. And we've got enough pro members to fill 1000 registrations alone. So you know, we would get no additional income by you know, if that was the case. And so, you know, it's not necessarily about trying to generate 1000 pounds worth 1000. Ticket 1000 I can't say it. 1000 tickets worth of revenue. It's not about that it is purely about wanting to feel the same buzz as last year feel like there's progress with Home as a concept and as a brand. And also, again, we mentioned the building in public. It's also good internally, you know, to have goals and targets to feel that buzz every day, you know, as we move closer Marks been doing his status codes on Twitter where the number of ticket holders matches a HTTP status code. And you know, it's just about knowing that we're progressing, having daily, weekly, targets to try and get, as I said to this number, just so we can bring that Ministry of Testing magic and TestBash joy, to the online stage one more time. So yeah, Any questions about that? You know where to find me. Thank you for listening