Experience Reports - C# Edition

15th March 2021
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Gwen Diagram focused on C# language, discussing the approaches taken to tackle these challenges with each experience report.

Each speaker shared their solution to the challenge, including the tools they used (and why), their thinking behind the choices they made as well as any problems they overcame. No doubt you’ll recognise problems you’ve experienced yourself, now you have the chance to take a deeper dive into all things C# and find a better way of addressing the challenges. 

Louise Gibbs recently started work as a Senior QA Analyst at MandM Direct, an online sportswear retailer. Before this, she worked at Malvern Panalytical, a company that developed scientific instruments for a variety of industries, most notably pharmaceuticals. She was involved in testing the software used to carry out automated particle imaging and raman spectroscopy to identify particles in a mixed sample. Louise graduated from Bangor University with a degree in Computer Science for Business. Her first job after university was as a software tester for Loyalty Logistix, a company that produced Web, Mobile and Desktop applications that allowed members of the Automotive industry to run Loyalty schemes for customers.

Viv Richards is a QA Consultant and director of Rubber Duck Consulting with over 10 years experience both developing and testing web applications. He is an international speaker, blogger and a community bumblebee. In his spare time he enjoys teaching children to code as a CodeClub volunteer as well as bringing communities together to share skills and knowledge by organising local meet-up's as well as organising South Wales largest software development conference.

Michiel Vanthuyne is a principal quality assurance engineer and quality and user experience coach at Skyline Communications. After several years of working as an electronics and field quality engineer, he changed his career to work as a software system engineer about 10 years ago. Putting those experiences together, his job evolved into software quality assurance engineering. His main focus is currently on manual and automated testing of .Net WPF desktop applications and continuous testing orchestration.

Kate Paulk - I like to refer to myself as a chaos magnet because if software is going to go wrong, it will go wrong for me. I stumble over edge cases without trying, accidentally summons demonic entities, and am a shameless geek girl of the science fiction and fantasy variety, with a strange sense of humor. Testing for more than 15 years has done nothing to make my sense of humour any less strange. I have a Twitter account which I mostly ignore, and a Facebook account which I also ignore. If there's anyone who is worse than me on social media, I haven't met them. The same applies to my very intermittently updated blog (which I've been meaning to get back to for... more than 3 years now).

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