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How Testers Can Shape the Next Normal - Neil Studd

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Neil Studd

Software Engineering Coach @ Makers

Talk Description

2020 was a huge challenge for technology teams, which were forced to adapt quickly and accelerate digital transformation projects in the face of these so-called "unprecedented times".

However, the "new normal" isn't so new any more, so what have we learned? Neil will be sharing his thoughts about how pandemic working has revealed problems within team dynamics (and, in some cases, solved them), examining how testers can use these experiences to help shape the "next normal" within agile organisations.

Neil Studd's profile'

Neil Studd

Software Engineering Coach @ Makers

About Speaker

Neil Studd is a UK-based tester with over 15 years' experience of leading quality initiatives within agile startups and large enterprise organisations. He is the creator of the Testers' Island Discs podcast which is available on the MoT website, and co-hosts the Tech Team Weekly and Screen Testing podcasts.

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