LGBTQIA+ Pride Month — Visibility matters: You are not alone

13th June 2024
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Callum Akehurst-Ryan

Principal Test Engineer

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month — Visibility matters: You are not alone image
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Talk Description

In this talk, Callum talks about what pride is, its history and its importance. 

He’ll share some queer technologists who are role models for us in computer science. He’ll also talk about why pride matters to him as a queer tester, and how his LGBTQIA+ status was used to marginalise a contribution he’d made to an engineering team.

Callum is a queer tester and is visible in the community, educating other engineers on LGBTQIA+ issues. As a successful engineer, he’s a role model for other queer people; showing them they can succeed and contribute to friendly organisations.

Key takeaways

  • Pride still matters for queer technologists
  • There are role models for queer people, you are not alone
  • Even now in the 2020s, we can be told to conform and not be queer
Callum Akehurst-Ryan's profile'

Callum Akehurst-Ryan

Principal Test Engineer

Throughout my 15+ year career I’ve had a variety of roles as a Test Engineer, Test Lead and Agile coach. As a result I have a well rounded approach to leadership in an Agile environment, both as part of test and the wider team. I specialise in full stack exploratory testing, embedding Agile testing into start-ups and quality reporting.
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