5 Problems In Test … And What We Can Do About Them – Kate Falanga

13th January 2023
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Talk Description

Finding problems within the testing world is pretty easy. I can think of at least five big ones.


  • Lack of understanding and respect of our craft from those outside our craft
  • Bad actors within the craft depreciating our brand and not helping lack of understanding
  • Testers not researching their craft or caring about community
  • The expectation that automation is magic
  • Testers not feeling empowered or able to change any of these problems


What if these weren’t problems but opportunities for testers to come together and work on solving those problems? I’ll walk through some things I’ve done to address these problems but I want to hear from you. Let’s talk about your experiences and your ideas. This will be a very interactive session so bring your voices and twitter hashtags. Together we’re going to make a difference.

About Kate

As the Director of Quality Assurance Kate has facilitated the transformation of testers at the digital advertising agency, Huge, to be empowered, embedded, engaged and ever-evolving. She works with a full time team of quality assurance professionals as well as actively supports projects and project teams with testing mentorship. As part of her role she works alongside other leadership within the company on overall technical strategy. Outside of Huge she co-created the NYC Testers whose goal is to serve the community by providing a place to learn, teach and to teach each others about testing (w/beer).

Many thanks to Tellurium for enabling us to share these videos through their sponsorship.

What you’ll learn

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