A Tale Of Testability - Rob Meaney

13th January 2023
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Rob Meaney

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Talk Description

In this session I'll describe how a bloated, ineffective release cycle was transformed over a 12 month period using a whole team approach focused on building testability into the product.

We managed to reduce the pre-release regression cycle from 7 weeks with all team members(35) included to 5 days with a handful of testers.

In that time we also managed to significantly improve the stability, test coverage and adoption of the product as a result of these efforts.

Join the discussion about TestBash Belfast over at The Club

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

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Rob Meaney's profile'

Rob Meaney

Rob Meaney is a tester that loves tough testing and software delivery problems. He works with teams to help create products that customers love and know they can rely upon. Although he enjoys learning about software delivery, in general, he’s particularly interested in Quality Engineering, Test Coaching, Testability, and Testing in Production.

Currently, he’s working as Head of Testing & Test Coach for Poppulo in Cork, Ireland. He’s a regular conference speaker, an active member of the online testing community and co-founder of Ministry of Test Cork.

Previously he has held positions as Test Manager, Automation Architect and Test Engineer with companies of varying sizes, from large multinationals like Intel, Ericsson & EMC to early-stage startups like Trustev. He has worked in diverse areas from highly regulated industries like safety automation & fraud detection to dynamic, exciting industries like gaming.

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