Helping the New Tester to Get a Running Start - Joep Schuurkes

13th January 2023
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Joep Schuurkes

quality engineer

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Talk Description

When a new tester joins your team – or if you are the new tester joining – the question is how to get this new tester up to speed as effectively as possible. He or she needs to learn about the application, the way of working within the team, the project, etc. In a way it’s quite similar to learning how to navigate a new city. By exploring this analogy we shall see that the most common ways to get a new tester up to speed fall short. Luckily I’ve also encountered some better ways which I’d like to share with you. And as it turns out, those alternatives have some shared properties that are also relevant to good testing in general.

What you’ll learn

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Joep Schuurkes's profile'

Joep Schuurkes

quality engineer

Joep wandered into software testing in 2006. After a decade in which he learned (and practiced) exploratory testing and test automation, his focus shifted to a bigger question. How can teams and organizations build and deliver good software? To answer that question, he has been exploring topics such as technical leadership, agile coaching, and software methodologies. Currently Joep is working as a consultant for Quality Accelerators. He has given talks and workshops at conferences throughout Europe. He's also one of the organizers of the Friends of Good Software unconference.
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