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Broaden your understanding of what testing tools can achieve by zooming into specific software testing tool features.

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PreEmptive Dotfuscator for .NET with John Brawner
PreEmptive helps defend the apps you’re building against reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorised debugging
Parasoft Selenic with Renata Santillan
Parasoft Selenic, a powerful tool that enhances Selenium testing with AI-powered capabilities
Object Recognition with Rhett Devlin
Join us as we explore the critical role of object recognition in test automation
Testing Smarter, Not Harder with DesignWise
DesignWise is a software test design optimisation tool
Defender for iOS with Jon Reynolds
Learn about Defender for iOS a new application protection tool from PreEmptive
Selenium 4 Integrations with Rhett Devlin
Learn about the Selenium 4 integrations with Ranorex
Test Case Review and Approvals with Heather Vercillo
Learn how TestRail facilitates a streamlined test case review and approval process for enterprise teams.
Automating Your Test Cases with Allure Testops
Learn how to easily automate your tests with Allure Testops
TestRail Test Parameterisation with Jorge Spratley
Discover how you can run tests with various data sets without duplicating efforts with TestRail
Milestones with Diogo Rede
Diogo walks through how to set up a Milestone, adding tests and how you can utilise it to give you a good overview of the project.
mabl Mailbox with Sam McCall
Discover how mabl can help automate your email testing journey
Boosting Functionality with JavaScript
Learn how you can use JavaScript to add even more functionality to mabl
Integrations with Allure TestOps with George Ivanov
Discover how easy it is to integrate Allure TestOps with the likes of Jenkins and Github
Generating Test Cases in JIRA with GPT with Coty Rosenblath
Do you use JIRA? Learn how Katalon can help you generate test cases in JIRA using GPT
Generating Automated Tests with GPT with Coty Rosenblath
Learn how Katalon could save you time with your automation test generation using AI
Communication and Collaboration with Conor Wolford
Find out how you can use Ranorex to generate conversations and support collaborative work within your teams
Enov8 Booking Management
Learn how the enov8 booking feature can save you both time and money
Enov8 Environment Management
Join Rohit and Richard to learn more about enov8's Environment Management.
Smart Test Cases with Allure TestOps
Learn how to shorten your testing feedback loop with Allure TestOps Smart Test Cases feature
TestRail Jira Test Case Integration
Learn how to set up coverage in your test design phase, tracing them back to your user stories, making sure you've address all aspects.
TestRail Jira EPIC Integration
Learn how to use the EPIC TestRail Jira integration to improve your traceability throughout your testing
Learning how you can use DesignWise to demonstrate how much coverage your tests actually give you
TestRail Jira Integration
Improve your bug tracking and your team communications with this TesRail Jira Integration!
Matthew and Richard discuss how TestRail's milestones give you the chance to improve your processes and have more useful conversations with your team
Creating a Cross Platform Test
Aaron can help you understand how to create and run a test using both Ranorex and DesignWise!
Formatting Reports
Discover how Xray Reporting to make decisions
Xray Academy
A look at the Xray Academy
Low Code Test Creation
Run browser and API tests with mabl
Xray Exploratory Testing App
Boost your exploratory testing with Xray's Exploratory Testing App
Parameterisation and Datasets within Xray
Get more value from your test scripts with parameterisation