Moving from Gui to Api Testing: Challenges Faced & Lessons Learnt

13th January 2023
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Shivani Gaba

Senior QA

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Talk Description

After spending countless hours in testing GUI and backend, numerous bugs are encountered in production. What’s missing? Due to the crunch of resources and time, API testing is generally skipped, and that’s where a lot of bugs reside. However, noticing the increase in the number of APIs used for development over the years, it’s crystal clear that API testing is the new king!

GUI testing revolves around the user’s experience and the look and feel of the product. Can we justify applying the same approach to testing APIs?

If yes, how? If not, then what crucial scenarios should be covered, what prerequisites are needed, and what is a must-do checklist for API tests? If you are less associated with API and lack of answers, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Shivani had faced a similar situation when she didn’t even know “A” of API testing. Based on her experiences at Kreditech and XING, Shivani explores API testing, its core values, test strategy, common API testing mistakes, and how to avoid them. Watch this talk to discover her tale of shifting perspective from browsers, buttons, and textboxes to requests, responses, and endpoints.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of keeping the user’s perspective when API testing
  • List tools that can make life easier when it comes to API
  • Use UI testing techniques in API testing
  • Implement strategies to motivate your team for contribution in stable APIs
Shivani Gaba's profile'

Shivani Gaba

Senior QA

Shivani is a passionate QA Engineer who believes that knowledge sharing boost up all engaged parties and increases their confidence. It was summer of 2013 when Shivani and “testing” met each other first time and are best friends since then. Holding rich experience in testing domain, she currently works as Senior QA Engineer with XING (the largest business network in German speaking countries). With hands-on in all layers of software testing ranging from UI(frontend), API and backend, functional, non-functional , mobile testing - API remains her all-time favourite. As a certified scrum master, working in agile manner is always her approach. She believes in idea of spreading her findings about any “new fancy stuff” she learns. She has worked with multiple international teams and brings forward idea of whole team contributing for quality. She's always up for conversation over twitter, email, linkedin, Xing or beer table :) Linkedin Xing
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