Transitioning Into QA: My Shift Left - Brittany Stewart

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Brittany Stewart

Senior QA Consultant

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Talk Description
When looking to break into the technology industry, non-tech persons can be the secret weapon for a tech company because we bring different perspectives and skills to the team which can have a positive impact on the product.
In this talk, I will share my transition journey from Designer to Business Management to Software Tester, identify transferable skills from design and business admin to testing as well as provide a guide on how the transferable non-technical and technical skills can be applied to software testing.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the top transferable skills from Design and Business Management to Software Testing
  • Be prepared to use these transferable skills to improve software quality
  • How designers and management team members can impact software quality
Brittany Stewart's profile'

Brittany Stewart

Senior QA Consultant

I am a Senior QA Consultant at QualityWorks. As a Certified Tester (CTFL) with over 3 years of experience in software testing, I have successfully led and participated in testing projects that span across multiple industries. I help organizations improve and execute test strategies for both web and mobile applications.
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