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99 Second Talks - TestBash Manchester 2018

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Talk Description

It has become a ritual for some attendees of TestBash to volunteer themselves to do a 99-second talk at the end of the day. Here are the courageous souls from TestBash Manchester 2018.

We bet you can't watch it without smiling!

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What you’ll learn
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Using Empathy To Guide An Exploratory Accessibility Testing Session

0h 28m 13s

Can Mobile Accessibility Testing be Automated via AI? with Mesmer

0h 22m 43s

Accessibility Testing 101 - Crystal Preston

0h 28m 2s

Finding bugs before writing code – Sigge Birgisson

0h 28m 6s

Understanding Your Domain: Research for Testing - Melissa Eaden

0h 32m 49s

The Automation Break Up: Saying Goodbye to Full Stack Tests with Task Analysis - Mark Winteringham

0h 32m 2s

Selenium Grid 4 & Sauce Labs

0h 20m 47s

Ask Me Anything - The Future of Test Automation

1h 3m 5s

Ask Me Anything - Vernon Richards

0h 42m 16s

This is What a Tester Looks Like - Charlene Granadosin and Charlotte Bersamin

0h 30m 12s

Combating Bias with Heuristics of Diversity - Ash Coleman

0h 56m 51s

Accepting Ignorance – The Force of a Good Tester – Patrick Prill

0h 30m 6s

Embracing Change: The challenges of changing ‘traditional’ mindsets – Christina Ohanian

0h 40m 17s

Don’t Think So Close To Me - Managing Critical and Social Distance in Testing – James Bach

0h 44m 46s

How to Defuse a Bomb... Wait, I Mean a Bug - Michele Campbell

0h 30m 57s

The Illusion of Control - Drew Pontikis

0h 32m 27s

The Average Tester: Succeeding Because You Are Not a Rockstar - Beth Marshall

0h 37m 41s

Episode VII: A Tester Training Program Awakens – Megan Studzenski & Cheri Kure

0h 52m 55s

To Boldly Go: Taking The Enterprise On A Journey To Structured Exploratory Testing - Aaron Hodder

0h 33m 56s

Exploring Exploratory Testing - Michael Bolton

0h 53m 26s

Testing in the Dark - Ben Simo

0h 47m 49s

Test All the Things with the Periodic Table of Testing - Ady Stokes

0h 30m 27s

The Testbasher's Survival Guide To The Galaxy - Martin Hynie

0h 32m s

Model Fatigue and How to Break It – John Stevenson

0h 29m 24s

First 100 Days as the Only and First Tester in a New Company – Kim Knup

0h 22m 6s

The tester’s 3 Cs: Criticism, Communication and Confidence - Dorothy Graham

0h 42m 16s

A Tester Guide To Win Developers Respect! - Carmen Sighiartau

0h 34m 9s

Mental Health as a Tester - David Williams

0h 40m 23s

99 Second Talks - Test.bash(); Manchester 2019

0h 25m 58s

Be Excellent to Each Other - Christopher Chant

0h 31m 28s

99 Second Talks - TestBash Brighton 2019

0h 47m 35s

Observability Meets a Flaky Test

0h 27m 57s

Observability: Unlearn Guessing, Reduce Stressing and Learn to Embrace Reality - Rob Meaney

0h 32m 37s

How to Build Your Personal Brand - Gabbi Trotter

0h 31m 57s

Combating Bias with Heuristics of Diversity - Ash Coleman

0h 56m 51s

Culture Is Often Framed By What You DON’T Say, Not Necessarily By What You Do Say - Ash Coleman

0h 50m 58s

Approach to Comparing Tools with Shweta Sharma

0h 31m 14s

Tooling for Automated Testing with Marie Drake

0h 37m 22s

Testing the Front-end, Back-end, and Everything in Between - Bria Grangard

0h 29m s