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Removing the Test Phase with Machine Learning - Ryo Chikazawa (Autify)

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Ryo Chikazawa's profile
Ryo Chikazawa

CEO & Co-Founder, Autify, Inc.

Talk Description
Ryo Chikazawa, CEO of Autify, will talk about the current challenges in QA testing, the short-term solution (automation testing) and the long-term solution, which is eliminating the test phase with Machine Learning by shifting left and right.
We will start with the reason why we should eliminate the test phase, showcasing the issues of Agility Vs Quality and their trade-off at different stages of the product development. Then, we will move to the section of how to eliminate the test phase and introduce testing strategies while considering Machine Learning and what it can do for us.
We will review Visual Regression, Visual Self-healing, MLUI and Visual App Explorer, 4 technologies Autify is developing to achieve this phase.
Finally, we will cover how to shift left and right at the same time by running tests all the time throughout the SDLC.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Challenges in QA Testing
  • Short-term solution: automation testing
  • Eliminating the test phase with Machine Learning
Ryo Chikazawa's profile'

Ryo Chikazawa

CEO & Co-Founder, Autify, Inc.

About Speaker

I've worked as a software engineer in Japan, Singapore, and the US (San Francisco). During that time, I came to realize that there’s one common problem that software development companies in all those countries face; software testing takes way too long. That's why I founded Autify. For software developers to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace, it's imperative to deliver at a fast release cycle. Software drives much of our lives, but developers are struggling to keep up. Autify was born to solve this. Our goal is to provide services that any software development company can use to deliver quality software to their customers faster. If you're ready to take on this challenge with us, we want to hear from you!

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