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Prioritizing Your Tests by Considering Impact and Value!

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Larissa Rosochansky's profile
Larissa Rosochansky

Senior Manager, QA & Digital Transformation

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Rafael Navarro Cintra

Solutions Engineer, ValueOps & DevOps

Talk Description
You may have heard of risk-based testing, but have you ever thought about prioritizing your tests using a Design Thinking exercise, by considering the value that this test has for your business and the impact for your user? 
In this talk, we will briefly talk about Design Thinking, how it works, and how to think about the value and impact that a test can have on the business and the user.

After that, we will show the exercise, how to do it, conducted in person and/or virtually, and the expected result. 
In the end, people will understand this different but very intriguing way of prioritizing testing, and knowing that if something goes wrong, we know what are the most valuable tests to focus on! 
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Understand what is Design Thinking
  • Learn how to prioritize tests based on impact and value
  • Use prioritization techniques for automation strategy
Larissa Rosochansky's profile'

Larissa Rosochansky

Senior Manager, QA & Digital Transformation

About Speaker

Senior IT Executive with over 20 years of experience in IT, Larissa is used to leading large operations since 2014 driving its strategy, growth, P&L, and operation metrics. Moreover, Larissa is also a worldwide speaker on Quality and Agile, primarily focused on delivering value to the customer using Lean Digital Transformation and Agile Engineering. Larissa has deep knowledge and experience with Agile, Lean, Agile Engineering, QA, RPA, Design Thinking, DevOps, Lean Software Delivery, Leadership, Cognitive, and Automation. Focus Industries: Banking, Telecom, Beverage, and Automotive. Larissa has been speaking at Brazilian and international conferences since 2017, having talked at Starwest, Agile DevOps East, Agile Testing Days USA, Agile Testing Days, LeadDev, and many others online. I love to share knowledge and empower others.

Rafael Navarro Cintra's profile'

Rafael Navarro Cintra

Solutions Engineer, ValueOps & DevOps

About Speaker

Solutions Architect focused on DevOps and Continuous Testing experienced with multidisciplinary and co-located teams on medium and large-sized companies. Extensive experience within financial services working with banks going through an agile and digital transformation while applying DevOps and Continuous Testing principles. Also has a substantial track record facilitating and applying Agile principles to bring value to the business while helping them connect with IT.

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