Panel Discussion: How to Succeed as a Sole Tester in Your Company - Moss Nye, Ardian Silvandianto and Aroha Merrilees image

Panel Discussion: How to Succeed as a Sole Tester in Your Company - Moss Nye, Ardian Silvandianto and Aroha Merrilees

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Talk Description

James Espie is joined by 3 guests with different experiences in being sole testers for their companies in New Zealand.

Watch Aroha, Moss and Ardian answer questions made by the community in this session from TestBash New Zealand 2020.


Check all the questions in this Club thread.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Discover answers to the community's top questions around the topic on how to succeed as a sole tester in your company.
Moss Nye's profile'

Moss Nye

Quality Engineer - Product

About Speaker

Moss enjoys working in highly regulated industries, like healthcare and finance, caring for the quality of software. Currently, Moss is the Lead QA Engineer at Vital Software, a startup developing software for hospital emergency rooms. Apple Photos has decided that the best photos they take are of software bugs in public places, and Moss is slowly making peace with that.

Ardian Silvandianto's profile'

Ardian Silvandianto

Senior Test Analyst

About Speaker

Enthusiast learner and explorer of all things related to software development. With passion in building quality focused culture.

Aroha Merrilees's profile'

Aroha Merrilees

QA Practice Lead

About Speaker

I am the QA Practice Lead for First AML where I help the engineering and product teams with the quality of our software. I have worked in the IT industry for many years and have had many experiences to help me build a solid understanding of business needs, quality assurance, and customer communication (both internal and external customers). Over my career in the IT industry, I have held multiple roles including software development, IT consulting, and application support. All this leading to where I am today, in a job that I love, enjoy, and I'm actually pretty good at.

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