Would Heu-risk It? - Live Demo

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Talk Description
Lena Nyström joined us from Stockholm for a live demonstration of the Would Heu-risk It? cards and how to use them. Lena had the wonderful help of Karen Todd, Rachel Kibler and Dermot Canniffe.

Lena has been showing off the cards (available for sale in the MoT Merch shop) at a few TestBashes – in different shapes and forms. This time she will start off by briefly talking about the cards, the categories and some general ways you can use them. She will share some stories to make the audience understand the cards and categories on a deeper level and then she will be joined on stage by a few volunteers who will try their hands at one of the team building and learning games you can use them for: The Power of Three.

This exercise is great for anything from team building to teaching. By having to think of several interpretations you push your brain to go outside of what you instinctively go to. This is great both for learning better testing, better bug reporting but also building empathy and stop making assumptions.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Overall purpose and categories of the "Would Heu-Risk It?" cards
  • Some real-life scenarios to deepen the understanding of the card categories
  • How to recognise the benefits of the cards by connecting them to your own professional context
  • Learn from other professionals' varied interpretations and application of the cards in their professional context
Lena Nyström's profile'

Lena Nyström

Engineering manager, Author and Public Speaker

Lena has been building software since 1999. After a decade of coding they found their heart in testing and that is close to their heart even today when they focus on building organisations and growing people rather than the software itself. Continuous improvement is a core value and they believe we should all strive to keep up to date and challenge ourselves, our assumptions and the way things are done. Lena is the author and creator of "Would Heu-risk it?" (card deck and book), avid blogger, speaker and workshop facilitator. On top of that, Lena combines skills learned through the years in their day job as Engineering Manager. Lena lives outside of Stockholm, Sweden with teenage kids, partner and way too much games, sewing machines and books.
Karen Tests Stuff's profile'

Karen Tests Stuff

Content Creator/Associate QA Analyst

Hello, world! I fell in love with software testing in December 2020, and never looked back. I am passionate about advocacy in the software testing world, for people and the craft. I want to bring people together and educate them about opportunities to support and build with one another. Let's do this thing, together!
Dermot Canniffe's profile'

Dermot Canniffe

Dermot identifies as Solutions/Pre-Sales Engineer, QA and Automation Engineer and Public Speaker.
Rachel Kibler's profile'

Rachel Kibler

I energize people to do awesome things well. I can think both creatively and analytically, identifying areas of risk and potential weaknesses quickly. I am great at software testing and also building community. I sit on the board of American Mensa and am chair of the leadership development committee for that organization. And I sing and knit and play board games!
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