Bringing quality & risk to the organisation

2nd July 2024
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Talk Description

With the coming of Agile, Test Managers and Risk Managers have largely been made redundant. One of the effects this has is that testers have lost the voices that advocate for them. 

The outcome is that testers have to be their own voice. We're not trained for this, nor do we still have the tools. 

Risks have traditionally been the reason we do most quality-improving activities. It's time testers embrace Risk Analysis and Risk Advocacy, for lack of a better word to be able to answer the question: "What are we paying testers for?" 

Beren will help you start on your journey to take control of the conversation and bring the Quality and Risk discussion to the people around you, and above you.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Gain insight into how testers have gained traction in different companies
  • Learn how to tailor your testing to what matters to the company
  • Get the tools to make testing valuable and show that value
Beren Van Daele's profile'

Beren Van Daele


I lead a company: Isle of IT

Together with like-minded people who value communication and transparency above all else, we wish to grow a company that enables people to be themselves. Experts to the outside, a fellowship on the inside.
Each member has the freedom to pursue their own merit, whatever that looks like, while also bearing a responsibility to the continuation and growth of the company. With full transparency, we aim to facilitate communication between members to find a balance that makes sense for themselves.

I am a Consultant:
I am a consultant who shapes software delivery teams to improve on their work and their understanding of quality. Once a Software Tester, sometimes a Product Owner, I travel around, meeting software crafters all across Europe to learn from and teach.

I create things:

  • TestSphere, a testing card game that inspires and supports knowledge sharing
  • RiskStorming, a workshop that focusses the team on quality and risks
  • is RiskStorming for the remote world.

I do conferences:

  • BREWT is peer workshop for testers. (organiser)
  • ITMatters is a conference for Diversity and Inclusion in IT (support)
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