Testing Real Devices in The Real World

29th May 2024
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Jason Huggins

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Talk Description

The main focus of this talk is on the idea of creating a global network to automate testing on real devices anywhere in the world.
Inspired by the Verizon "Can you hear me now?" commercials, Jason Huggins explores the concept of testing any phone from any location, addressing both the technical feasibility and the potential challenges. He envisions a decentralized network where devices can be connected and used for testing purposes, drawing parallels to the structure of social networks like Nostr and the efficiency of protocols like the Bitcoin Lightning Network for microtransactions.

Jason discusses the practicalities of such a network, including the potential use of old smartphones, the importance of trust between users and device owners, and the possible financial models to incentivize participation. He highlights how this network could significantly reduce the cost of testing by leveraging unused devices globally. Moreover, Jason reflects on the balance between automation and the unique requirements of real-world testing, suggesting that while AI has its place, there is still a critical need for actual device testing to ensure applications function correctly in specific environments.

In conclusion, Jason acknowledges the potential pitfalls and invites feedback from the community to refine his ideas. He emphasizes that while there are challenges to overcome, the concept holds promise for providing a more expansive and efficient approach to testing real devices, which could benefit developers and testers seeking to ensure their applications perform well across diverse scenarios and locations.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Global Device Testing Network Idea: Learn about the potential and feasibility of a decentralized network for automating testing on real devices anywhere in the world
  • Technological and Logistical Considerations: Explore the technical and logistical aspects of implementing a global testing network, including the use of protocols like Nostr and the Lightning Network
  • Trust and Incentives in Device Networks: Understand the trust dynamics and incentive structures necessary to motivate participation in a distributed device testing network
  • Real-World Application of Testing Tools: Discover practical applications and scenarios where automated real device testing can enhance the reliability and performance of software in diverse environments
Jason Huggins's profile'

Jason Huggins

Founder / Engineer

I make robots 🤖 at Tapster. Founder and former CTO @ Sauce Labs. Started Selenium and Appium open source projects.
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