Testing Tools - The Testing Planet News - Episode 03

24th May 2024
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Talk Description

Join Simon Tomes for another round of what's happening in The Testing Planet.

In this session, Simon is joined by Andrea Jensen, Mahathee Dandibhotla and Parveen Khan where they explore what the community has to say about Testing Tools.

The discussion explored how testing professionals discover, learn and utilise new tools. The team presented poll results from the community to gauge opinions on these topics. 


What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Understand that the primary source for discovering new testing tools is the testing community
  • Recognise that most testers prefer learning new tools through hands-on experience rather than relying solely on external resources
  • Appreciate the importance of balancing tool usage with essential testing skills like critical thinking and problem-solving
Parveen Khan's profile'

Parveen Khan

Senior QA Consultant @ Thoughtworks

Parveen is a senior quality analyst consultant at Thoughtworks. Being a quality advocate she believes delivering high-quality products is everyone's responsibility. She loves collaborating with teams and optimizing processes, tools and methodologies to enable the creation of high-quality products. She is also an international speaker sharing her stories and experiences in testing to inspire other people around the globe. In her spare time, she plays the role of wonder woman for her two lovely kids
Simon Tomes's profile'

Simon Tomes

Community Team

Simon works in the community team at Ministry of Testing and his pronouns are he/him. Currently learning to be a better community enabler, he has a passion for all things testing with a career in various testing roles since 2003. He particularly enjoys promoting and sharing the value of exploratory testing.
Andrea Jensen's profile'

Andrea Jensen

Tester & QA Manager

Mahathee Dandibhotla's profile'

Mahathee Dandibhotla

Project Lead Quality

I'm Mahathee and I work as Senior Engineering Lead Quality at Persistent Systems Hyderabad, India.
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