The Hobbit's Guide to Testing Tools - Small Steps to a Powerful Choice

29th May 2024
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Kat Obring

Founder, Director

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Talk Description

Join Kat Obring on a journey through the world of test automation solutions with “The Hobbit’s Guide to Testing Tools - Small Steps to a Powerful Choice”. 

Much like Bilbo Baggins setting off on an unexpected adventure, we’ll explore the critical decision-making process behind choosing the right test automation strategy for your team. Should you forge your own path and build a custom solution, purchase a ready-made product from the market, or perhaps adopt a hybrid approach that combines both? 

We’ll navigate these options with practical advice and real-world examples, ensuring you can make an informed choice that aligns with your team’s skills, resources, and long-term goals.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate Needs and Resources: Assess your situation, define the problem, and identify team skills and resources—just like preparing for a journey out of the Shire
  • Build vs. Buy Decision Framework: Learn when to build custom solutions or buy off-the-shelf products—choose your own adventure wisely
  • In-House Development Pros and Cons: Understand the benefits and challenges of building your own solution—crafting tools worthy of an elven smith
  • Buying Solutions Key Considerations: Explore the advantages and potential drawbacks of purchasing a pre-built solution—like finding the perfect gift from a Dwarven market
  • Hybrid Models for Flexibility: Discover how to combine building and buying with open-source or licensed components—a magical blend of DIY and ready-made
Kat Obring's profile'

Kat Obring

Founder, Director

Kat Obring has over 15 years of experience helping startups and larger organisations nail their test strategy to expedite software delivery without compromising quality. She is an expert in efficient code delivery and seamless integration of testing capabilities. She has a proven track record of shortening delivery cycles using agile and DevOps methodologies. She is also a skilled framework developer, having created test frameworks for mobile banking applications using libraries like Pytest and Locust. Kat's approach extends beyond code, as she transforms teams and organisations, removing barriers between testers and developers. She helps teams integrate quality into every step of the SDLC to achieve quality delivered at speed.
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