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API testing in Python with requests


This workshop will get you started with writing tests for RESTful APIs in Python, using the popular requests library

99 Minutes

Max 100 attendees


testing-tools, technical-testing, programming, api-automation

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Perform a GET call and write assertions for basic response characteristics
  • Perform a GET call and write assertions for JSON response body element values
  • Create a JSON request payload and POST it to a REST API endpoint


In this, you'll get hands-on with requests, a popular Python library for consuming RESTful APIs. You'll learn how to write tests that check basic properties of REST API responses, such as HTTP status codes, as well as header and body element values.

We'll also see how we can create an object in Python that represents a JSON request payload and how to successfully POST it to an API. You'll also get a list of resources for further learning.

Meet the Instructor

Bas Dijkstra

Bas Dijkstra

Test automation trainer and consultant | Python developer

I'm an independent test automation consultant with over 14 years of experience helping my clients improve their testing efforts through smart application of tools. I'm an experienced trainer in a range of topics related to test automation and software development.

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Bas Dijkstra

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