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Interactive Accessibility Quiz


This workshop is a unique way to learn about the accessibility issues people face when online or on their smart devices. Using real-life examples, we ask just one simple question… “What is wrong in terms of accessibility?”

99 Minutes

Max 100 attendees



By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate your own products and services in different ways that inform the overall quality for a wider group of users
  • Apply new test techniques as soon as you get back to work
  • Explain why accessible products and services help everyone and is more than just compliance
  • Understand a broad range of issues that affect people’s ability to participate


Whether you are new to accessibility, have some understanding or have experience with checking compliance, this is the workshop for you. Covering not only compliance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines but readability, usability and emotional accessibility too, you will be amazed how much can be packed into a short quiz! And how small things have a potentially big impact! After a short session finding the answers themselves, we will go through the answers together.

Spoiler! There are 10 images, 11 answers to find but many more than 11 things that could cause issues.

As well as showing how the experience can be made better for everyone the quiz discusses issues for those with autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, dyslexia and others.  It includes tips on readability using extensive research findings and the latest better practices available.  I’m constantly learning so the quiz is evolving as I refine the maximum learning opportunities for a single session.

“I believe accessibility is fundamental to applications and greatly undervalued causing many problems for lots of users. I'm trying to spread the message that accessibility isn't about disability, it’s about inclusion!”

Meet the Instructor

Ady Stokes

Ady Stokes

Test Engineer

A long-time accessibility advocate with over 20 years of direct auditing, coaching, leadership, training and testing experience. Passionate about quality, accessibility, delivering value, sharing knowledge, the test community and ideas. Creator of the Periodic Table of Testing, Accessibility Quadrants, presenter at international conferences, TestBash speaker and organiser of Ministry of Testing Leeds Meetup

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